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We Also Offer Custom Sunless Spray Tanning !
As seen on sunset tan and magazines. We have the infinity sun custom spray machine. By appointment only .
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Mystic Sunless Tanning

A perfectly uniform, natural-looking tan in less than 60 seconds!
Totally Sunless and Touch Free
unlike any tan under the sun

Mystic Tan® uses a patented and proven spray-on technique that evenly applies our unique tanning mist for a deep, natural looking tan that last for days and takes just seconds.
mystic tanning booth

Before Tanning.....

  • For best result, avoid oil-based products
  • Exfoliate
    - Eliminates dead skin cells and exposes fresh and healthy new skin. it also creates a smooth, even tanning surface for absorbing Tanning Myst.
  • Shave
    - The day of before your tanning, shave with a non- oil based product. Why you ask? Because shaving causes skin cells to tighten, but by the next day the cells are more receptive. Oil blocks tanning myst from penetrating the surface of the skin.
  • Moisturize
    - Well - hydrated skin allows Tanning Myst to be absorbed deeper into the skin, creating a deeper, darker - looking tan. Moisturize immediately after showering and even before tanning. (using mystic maintainer only) We Suggest you use the Mystic Maintainer since its unique ingredients are made for this hydration purpose. Other lotions might contain certain oils that will only block DHA.. ... read more on lotions.
  • Paint Nails
    - A coat of polish will help block DHA from being absorbed.

    After Tanning.......

    • Wait 6-12 hours before showering or swimming
      - Showering or participating in any any aquatic activity will inhibit the full development of the DHA process.
    • Moisturize daily, especially after showering,
      - use mystic tan maintainer for Maximum results.
      - The unique ingredients in the Maintainer moisturize the skin and create a hydration seal that locks in moisture, providing continual hydration throughout the day.
    • Avoid exfoliating until you`re ready to tan again
      - Avoid until just prior to tanning again. Exfoliating removes the top layers of the skin, causing the tan to fade quicker.
    • Salt water and chlorine affect the life of your tan
      - Salt water causes skin to exfoliate faster than normal, chlorine fades the tan.

There are 3 different tanning levels available to produce the optimal tanning results for body size, skin type, and desired color. If you choose a level 3 you will receive more mystic solution during your session and you will obtain a darker long lasting tan.
Solar Escape also has the new Multi Mist system. With this system we can provide you with two optimal tanning solutions. One of our Mystic tan® solutions carries more DHA, while the other carries a little less DHA. We call this our Natural Solution, most of our clients have converted to this because its less flawless, smells better, and gives you that natural glow!

This solution produces a quick, natural looking tan that continues to darken throughout the day. Great for those occasions when you need to look your best…now!

Once we show you a short instructional video, we will also walk you through the entire process step-by-step. At this point we will determine the proper tanning level for you.

Once your inside our Mystic Tan™ room you will have your own privacy to disrobe and enter our Mystic Tan™ booth. With a few steps and a push of a button your on your way to natural healthy looking tan. A fine mist of aloe vera enriched sunless solution will spray you using a patented technology called magne tan. The MagneTan Technology insures uniform coverage over the entire body, which our natural sunless tanning solution instantly transforms into a quick natural-looking tan, without streaking or unnatural "orange" coloration, that continues to darken into a deep, beautiful tan throughout the day.

When the tanning process is finished, the consumer simply steps out of the booth, towels-off any excess mist, dresses, and exits. The result is a uniform, natural-looking tan in less than 60 seconds!.

We cannot be responsible or guarantee your results.



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perfection spray
  Perfection Touch up Spray- Use this to touch up tan lines or use this 4 hours before going out to darken up your face, legs, or body. This product contains the same DHA found in our mystic sunless spray. Follow directions for proper use. Better then Self tanners! Try one today! Available at Solar Escape. ... read more
Hyper Tan
Is a gel that accelerates the mystic process ... read more
Mystic Tan Products
Exfoliate for cleaning the skin. Mystic Maintainer is a must! Extends the life of your tan!
... read more
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Unlike conventional self tanners, tan towel is the perfect way to produce a nice natural looking tan that doesnt streak, stain , smell, or turn the skin orange. Its not a stain or a dye , it works with your skins natural accurring proteins and sugars producing a natural looking tan for up to a week. Look sexy all year round! Great for traveling!
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